JS Review of HTTP Requests

Just for you to review, in interview format: What are the benefits of HTTP Requests? HTTP Requests are designed to enable communications between clients and servers. HTTP is a request-response protocol. A data communication protocol for handling data transfer between two endpoints. The benefit of an HTTP request is that with a clear action or […]

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Stats before Airbnb

Edit: I made this post before COVID-19 and I have since been laid off from this notable company *tears*. However I still want to share the time, effort and numbers it took to get to Airbnb. So I landed a integrations/technical consultant role at a pretty well known company! Wait for applause 👏🏼, bow head, […]

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Quarantine Routine

How many different ways can you say hi? Regardless there is my intro for this post! Although I do wish I had better intro statements. Any-who, howdy do my fellow sheltered humans. I don’t think I’ve made a post on how the quarantine has been but I want to since as many say has changed […]

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I’m back world!

I’m back to you my fellow coding colleagues! I need a better image to describe my return. There we go 😉 I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve blogged here. I found that it is hard to maintain projects while you work full time as an engineer. Yes you read that right, I […]

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Preppin’ with Pramp

The best tool that has helped me level up and feel comfortable during all my interviews. PRAMP. Pramp is a website that helps you practice data structures, algorithms, system design, frontend, and behavioral type questions. You schedule an interview with another member who also needs help practicing in one of the above areas. The tool […]

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Here’s coding!

Afternoon my long lost family, isn’t it perfect timing for the holidays to say hello world to your family you haven’t seen in ages, (Audience – Yeah! good idea Brian) Thanks Audience. This blog is like my family and it has been over 6 months since I’ve seen y’all. It’s like we are all grown […]

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