Quarantine Routine

How many different ways can you say hi? Regardless there is my intro for this post! Although I do wish I had better intro statements. Any-who, howdy do my fellow sheltered humans. I don’t think I’ve made a post on how the quarantine has been but I want to since as many say has changed how we all live, work, and have fun. Key point here is to have fun. I know it’s hard and I can say that easily but we should always strive to look on the bright side.

I do want to share my quarantine routine and make sure you all have some type of productive routine in place to get through this (insert ‘gotta get through this’ mp3 file here). We all need productive habits like Charles Duhigg and James Clear emphasize in there books, which are both must reads by the way. Habits are the foundation of what we do each day either good and bad. If we are of what we are doing we can isolate and improve each habit to our benefit. I digress, but yes habits are essential in these times to really help us break through the boredom and accomplish things while we are in one place for the next few months.

Edit: I know we are reopening business and the economy is doing OK right now but we should not rush into reopening and increase risk.

Here is my routine that I’ve been trying to stick to daily and weekly so that I get the most out of every day. I also want to preface my list by mentioning that some of these are cliché because they truly work wonders.

  • Meditate at least once a day. Bill Gates was totally opposed to this but in a recent article he started doing this. Meditation works wonders with anxiety, stress, uncertainty a wide variety of emotions. It has definitely helped me through the job rejections I’ve been through and the unemployment I’ve been facing. I either meditate after I workout in the morning or later in the afternoon after I’ve done some coding.
  • Workout at least every other day. The health benefits here cannot be explained enough. Working out no matter how painful feels like a natural cup of coffee. It’s the perfect time to try and get that summer bod. One thing I did learn is that you should track your workouts so you aware of what muscle groups you should work on.
  • ABC’s. Always be coding everyday. Even if it just reading a technical article or actually debugging an issue you should always flex this muscle. Try to stay up to date on the latest technology, master your fundamentals, practice interviewing. I have tabs open of WordPress or Medium articles that I need to read. Always work on code.
  • Practice cooking when you can. If you’re like me and don’t know how to wield knife then this bullet point is for you. Since quarantine I’ve been trying to cook some basic dishes so that when the time comes I can cook for whoever and whenever. Just give me a microwave 🙂
  • Read books every other day. I have a pile of books I’ve read and now I’m rereading them for solidifying the concepts. I’m reading Grokking Algorithms, Eloquent JS, Dare to Lead, and The First 90 days. Bonus: GoT, A Dance with Dragons.
  • Reach out to your friends and family everyday. I say this to a lot of acquaintances of mine. Everyone is just a text, call, FaceTime, zoom, or google hangout away. A check in with a friend or family member which you haven’t sent or talked to in awhile does wonders for your soul. It helps them and re-establishes the connection y’all once had pre-quarantine. I try to call my cousins or send a group text of some important info to my family all the time. A simple text of ‘hope all is well’ goes a long way.

That’s my routine so far folks! I’ve also set up calendar invites to ensure I meet these habits daily. I’m curious to hear your routines and what y’all are doing during this shelter in place! Leave a comment and let’s talk about how we can get sh*t done!

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