I’m back world!

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 3.48.51 PM

I’m back to you my fellow coding colleagues! I need a better image to describe my return.


There we go 😉 I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve blogged here. I found that it is hard to maintain projects while you work full time as an engineer. Yes you read that right, I had a job as an engineer at Airbnb! The keyword and unfortunate truth here is that I had a job and due to the circumstance we are in I do not work at Airbnb anymore. It was a great working experience and I will definitely document everything I can here, for what I learned and my journey at working at one of the top tech companies in the world.

On the flip side I am back to working out (literally) my coding muscles. I will post my learnings here every week and of course share the knowledge to genuinely help everyone to code. I believe in freecodecamp’s mantra that everyone should have access to code because technology is a necessity. We can see in some industries that technology is needed, like Doordash or Uber Eats, the local restaurants that did not have these apps set up were severely hindered due to COVID-19. But I digress, sharing knowledge in general is the way of the warrior and I will end with one of Bruce Lee’s quote to spur some motivation in all of us.

“Real living is living for others” -Bruce Lee

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